I believe that anyone can move their body regardless of age or ability. When we make time for movement all areas of our life is improved.

My husband & I also believe in the power of having an amazing marriage. We love to inspire marriage through date nights, Awaken Love classes, pre-marital counseling, & Biblical Counseling.

I used to be a runner but had suffered an injury that did not allow me to run any distance. I was searching for something else to do to stay active and in shape. Christina is a very compassionate person with in-depth knowledge of the body. Christina understands what poses and exercises one can do to improve specific ailments in the body. I would highly recommend Christina for one-on-one training. I feel very fortunate to have met Christina. She has made a true difference in my life.


Christina has provided us with a wealth of knowledge and things I didn’t know but do now. Not always glamorous but oh so necessary.