Foot Health

Healthy Feet Tip #2 – Spread Your Toes

Today’s healthy feet tip in honor of National Foot Health Awareness month is, spread your toes several times a day.

Our shoe choices often limit our ability to spread our toes.  When the toes are crunched it causes the muscles of the feet to become stiff and tight and the muscles that spread our toes to become weak.

One of the biggest benefits of toe spreading is impact it has on minimizing and/or preventing the development of bunions. If you have bunions, this is a great video that explains why bunions form and how spreading the toes can minimize them.

How do you spread your toes?

1. Use the muscles of your feet to move each toe away from one another.

2. Place your fingers in between your toes. Start with the tips of your fingers. As the feet loosen up start to place more of your fingers in between your toes. For maximum benefit, place your fingers in between your toes and then spread your fingers. 

Note: I have no affiliation with The Original Foot Alignment Socks, I just love their product.

3. Use alignment socks to spread your toes. I personally get my alignment socks from The Original Foot Alignment Socks. When you first start using these socks you want to start slowly. Simply wear them for about 30 minutes the first time.  Then gradually increase the time each day.  Eventually working up to being able to wear them overnight.

Did you miss Healthy Foot Tip #1?  You can read it now.

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