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Healthy Feet Tip #3 – Ditch Flip Flops

Today’s Healthy Feet Tip is one that not many people like to hear because people love flip flops. I understand that flips flops are easy to slip on and great for warm weather and the beach however wearing flip flops has significant negative effects on the health of the feet.

Katy Bowman does a great job of explaining how flip flops cause the feet to grip with each step. This gripping action causes tiny fractures of the feet thus setting yourself up for several foot related foot problems/issues, like bunions. Read more about How Flip Flops Change Your Feet to learn more.

Adding a strap around the heel can change the negative effects of flip flops on the feet.

On a recent visit to Target, I saw that they had several flip flops for children with straps around the heel for a very reasonable price.  The flip flops featured below are from Sanuk, which I just purchased for my son.

Last year, I  got these cute sandals for myself from Target.

However, my favorite sandals to wear are Gladsoles. These shoes are handmade to fit exactly to the shape of your feet.  When purchasing these shoes you have to trace your feet before they can make them. This allows your feet to truly be in its natural form as you wear them.  Use the coupon code of healthyfeet to get 15% a pair of Gladsoles. (Note: I do have an affiliate account with Gladsole.)

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