Foot Health

Healthy Tip #6 – Walk in Your Yard Barefoot

The ultimate goal of healthy feet is to be able to walk barefoot without pain or discomfort.  However, that is not reality for most people.  If you have been wearing shoes every day for years and transition immediately to being barefoot, you will experience many negative side effects of this transition.  Moving to being primarily barefoot requires you to train your feet, just as you would train your body for running a marathon.

Walking barefoot in your yard is one way that you can start to train your body to be barefoot.  Start slowly if you are new to being barefoot.  As your feet adapt to not wearing shoes, start to be barefoot more and more.

Walking outside is not always possible, especially if you live in a place that gets snow like me. To help keep our feet healthy and walking on different terrain when you aren’t able to walk outside, you can create your own rock walking path.

To create a rock walking path you will need the following:

  • a plastic mat that is for boots/shoes
  • lot so of rocks of different sizes and shapes (different size marbles are fun too)
  • your bare feet

Walk back and forth on the rocks. This mat can be placed in your hall way or in another high traffic are that forces you to walk across it.

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