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Can you Hold It?

If I asked you to hold “it” (the “it” I’m referring to is your need to go to the bathroom) for three hours, could you do it? Some of you might say yes, but only if you greatly sacrificed your intake of water. Others of you would answer, “no way.”

I used to be one of those people who could not go more than two hours without using the rest room. I was also one of those people who would go to the bathroom “just in case,” meaning even if I had gone to the bathroom 30 minutes before I was leaving my house to run errands, I would go “just in case.”

According to Fitness for the Pelvic Floor by Beate Carriere, PT, urination should look like this for most people.

  • Urination should occur every 2-3 hours (6-8 times a day).
  • It is normal for people over 50 to get up once during the night.
  • Most adults will urinate for 12-15 seconds, which means the bladder is full.
  • Urinating less means the bladder has gotten into the habit of emptying too quickly and has probably shrunk in size.
  • Tilting the pelvis forward during urination is often helpful.
  • The bladder will stretch up to 14 oz. without significant pressure inside the bladder.

In addition, she also says bowel movements should look like this:

  • Emptying the bowel usually happens 10-30 minutes or up to an hour after a meal, maybe once or twice a day.
  • It takes 45 hours for food to pass through your digestive system (Give this a test. Eat a handful of sunflower seeds, don’t chew them, see how long it takes for them to appear in your stool.)
  • Titling the pelvis back during a bowel movement is often helpful.
  • The pelvis can be titled forward during inhalation and backwards during exhalation to stimulate a bowel movement. Also twisting from side to side can help.

Next time you urinate, count how long it takes you. Is it longer than 12-15 seconds? If so, you are allowing your body to be full before emptying it. If not, you have likely trained your body to empty before it truly needs to do so.

One of the blogs that greatly changed my constant urges to go the bathroom was this blog by FemFusion Fitness called, Urinary Urgency: Avoid Going “Just in Case“. My mind was training my body about when I needed to urinate instead of my body signaling my brain.

If you are person who goes to the bathroom often, try this. Instead of having your mind tell your body when to go to the bathroom, let your body tell your mind. This is not easy. You will find yourself playing a little bit of a mind game, but keep at it. Eventually your bladder will start to be full and will signal your mind that you need to go.

I know several people who were going to try hold it longer and see what happened. For one person, after one week, they were no longer getting up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom.

I know that talking about how often you go to the bathroom is not a common conversation in daily life, but for those of you who are game, I would love to hear how you are doing with this.

Lastly, for those of you who have experienced UTI’s, I have a MUST read blog for you. I personally have never had one, but I have known many people who have had them. This blog https://www.nutritiousmovement.com/utis/ .com just might be the missing piece you need from ever having a painful UTI again.

2 thoughts on “Can you Hold It?”

  1. Love the challenge of having your body lead. Being more aware is crucial and then listening to the body is key.


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