Foot Health

Alignment from the Ground Up

This blog was first posted on Holy Yoga Global®, LLC: In honor of April being Healthy Foot Awareness month, I want to bring you a post dedicated to our amazing feet.  However, for many of us our feet don’t feel like amazing structures. Some sources estimate that over 75% of Americans will experience foot… Continue reading Alignment from the Ground Up

Kids Yoga

Babies: Crying and Yoga

The following blog was first featured on Holy Yoga® Global LLC- As the Program Manager/Senior Trainer for the Kids Holy Yoga Training, I read lots of books on yoga and babies.  Most, if not all, books tell you to not practice yoga with your baby when they are crying. I understand the concept behind… Continue reading Babies: Crying and Yoga

Chair Yoga

Rock Advent Challenge

During the month of December, Nutritious Movement did a Rock Advent countdown.  The following posts were featured on my Instagram feed.  Each day showcases a different movement to get you moving.  Many of the movements include the use of a chair to make the movements more accessible. However, you can do the same movements without… Continue reading Rock Advent Challenge


Balancing Act: Fall Prevention

The following blog was first featured on Holy Yoga® Global LLC-  I recently participated in an Advent movement challenge on social media which included a lot of balance work. Some of the challenges seemed “unsafe” for older adults. This made me think deeper about balance and why we lose our ability to balance as we… Continue reading Balancing Act: Fall Prevention


Sitting and Yoga

The following blog was first featured on Holy Yoga® Global LLC-  Over the last few years this phrase has been getting more and more public attention–Sitting is the new smoking. Everyone seems to be talking about this from CNN to Forbes and the American Heart Association. Studies are popping up all over about the negative effects that sitting has… Continue reading Sitting and Yoga

Foot Health

Transition to Minimal Footwear

How do you transition to minimal footwear? Evaluate the state of your feet now? Do you normally wear shoes with a 1-inch heel? 2 inches?Next find one pair of shoes you would like to replace and purchase the new shoe with a ½ inch smaller heel.Allow your body/feet adequate time to embrace these new shoes… Continue reading Transition to Minimal Footwear

Foot Health

Shoes & Foot Problems

How Shoes Contribute to Foot Related Problems: Foot wear increases the incidence of knee osteoarthritis, back pain and hip degeneration.An elevated heel of any height alters the biomechanics of the foot and body.Normal weight distribution is 50% over both front of foot and back. High heels change weight distribution to 90% over front of foot… Continue reading Shoes & Foot Problems