Healthy Foot Challenge

Take 14 days to learn and focus on your foot health. You can start this challenge at any time and work through the content as many times as you desire.

Estimates suggest that 8 out of 10 people experience foot pain. Are you one of them? As a person who suffered from foot pain, hip pain, and lower back pain for many years, I can tell that you don’t have to live with foot pain.

In my early 20’s when I was diagnosed with falling arches and fitted with orthotics, I also met a yoga instructor who started to educate me on my feet. Through her teachings I learned that you can and should exercise (move) your feet just like you do other parts of you body and that over time they can regain their natural strength and function. After working on my feet daily for almost 6 months, I ditched my orthotics and have never gone back. I now live my life barefoot as much as possible and in minimalist shoes when necessary.

This challenge is great for anyone struggling with: Foot Pain, Plantar Fasciitis, Falling Arches, Bunions, Morton’s Neuroma, or Balance Issues/Falls.

Take a 14 day journey with me on improving your foot health. It just might be what your feet and your body needs to start feeling and moving better!

My feet have never been more healthy because of practicing and putting your tips into practice. – Norma

The Healthy Foot Challenge is only $10!

What’s Included in the Healthy Foot Challenge:

This challenge includes a 25 page booklet that takes you through 14 days of tips, tools, videos, and encouragement to help you on your foot journey. The content is yours to keep and refer to over and over. The videos will not disappear.

Below is a sample of a movement video included in the 14 day challenge.

Movement Videos:

  • Exercises and stretches
  • Exercises for flat feet
  • How to alleviate bunions
  • A yoga practice focused on the feet
  • Lower body exercise classes focused on the feet
  • How to purchase healthy shoes
  • Alternatives to flip flops

Educational Articles:

  • How fashion has influenced our feet
  • Children and footwear
  • How footwear impacts alignment

And you get all of this for just $10.

Foot Health Tips


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