Ways to get Moving

Join the monthly movement coaching sessions that are designed to support greater understand of a specific area of the body and bring restoration. Sign up for a monthly coaching session.

Each week I teach virtual classes from my living room for my local gym. These classes are now available to anyone anywhere in the world through a private YouTube link sent directly to you. Take a class now.

Take 14 days to learn and focus on your foot health. You can start this challenge at any time and work through the content as many times as you desire. Get started on better foot health.

Local Classes – Somerset, WI

Join a class at The Training Room with Christina. She is currently teaching weekly classes such as Yoga Fusion, Restorative Exercise, and Silver Sneakers Yoga®. Find out more.

Mothers and daughters are invited to join us for a time of blessing, instruction, and discovery. We will learn the ways that, as girls mature into womanhood, their bodies change physically, emotionally, and spiritually. We will discover and celebrate how they are wonderfully and fearfully made by our Creator. Note: We will be hosting a Pink Box Purpose cutting party as well during this class to support young girls in Honduras. The next class will be offered in 2021. If you are interested in hosting a class email


Can you Hold It?

If I asked you to hold “it” (the “it” I’m referring to is your need to go to the bathroom) for three hours, could you do it? Some of you might say yes, but only if you greatly sacrificed your intake of water. Others of you would answer, “no way.” I used to be one… Continue reading Can you Hold It?


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