Virtual Class Recordings

Restorative movement classes focus on improving mobility, reducing chronic holding patterns, restoring length to muscle groups, reducing muscle tension, while enhancing alignment and the functionality of the body. These movement classes are recordings of a live class Christina teaches each week from her living room.  Occasionally, you will hear life taking place in the background from her home-schooled children and her various pets.  Inspiring movement means having movement take place in one’s normal life, without the ideal lighting, sound, and studio atmosphere.

Simply click on the image below to purchase it. Once the class had been purchased, a YouTube link will be emailed to you. Feel free to watch the video class as many times as you wish.

Monthly Movement Subscription

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What’s Included:

  • All the movement recordings below plus additional recordings
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Recording Bundles

Includes 3 movement classes for the shoulders (3 hours of video content. Text Neck is included in this bundle.) – Price: $5
Includes 3 movement classes specific for the core that are diastasis safe – Price: $5

Movement Classes by Topic

Length: 53 minutes – Price: $2
Length: 56 minutes – Price $2

Length: 55 minutes – Price: $2
Length: 57 minutes – Price $2
Length: 57 minutes – Price: $2
Length: 56 minutes – Price: $2