Movement Programs Featuring Christina

Fitabulous Mom’s Club

This club is for mommas who are pregnant and beyond who may be feeling stressed, anxious, and hopeless. Through this club woman are provided techniques that have been proven to prevent and heal Diastasis Recti, low back pain, leakage issues, common pelvic floor injuries, and to prepare the pregnant mama for birth, and help re-strengthen and heal the postpartum moms body. Christina is the leading contributor on movement, alignment and yoga. Join the community.

Expert on Diastasis Course

This course is for ANYONE – postpartum or professional – wanting to learn the basics about about diastasis recti prevention and non-surgical treatments from experienced professionals who are literally working in the trenches of torn-apart tummies. Christina is the featured expert discussing yoga and diastasis recti. Start the course.

Holy Yoga TV

This online wellness subscription features wholistic wellness resources that you can access at any time, anywhere. Christina is one of the master instructors with over 30 classes on Holy Yoga TV. Start a free trial today.

Christina’s Favorite Movement Products

Movement doesn’t need to be complicated.

The first step is to just get moving.