Why I Ditched Kegels

Pelvic floor health is something I have had a passion for ever since the birth of my first child. After my daughter's birth, my pelvic floor was just not the same. Jumping and trampolines made me nervous. At my post-natal follow up, I found I had a cystocele, which is a slight drop of the… Continue reading Why I Ditched Kegels

Diastasis Recti

I have a what??? – Diastasis Recti

In May of 2012, I started to notice that my belly was not going away after having my twins in February of 2011.  I know that our bodies change after pregnancy, especially when you have 3 of them.  However, something was just not sitting right with me about my belly, so I started to do… Continue reading I have a what??? – Diastasis Recti


Moving into an Alignment Filled Life

Stand with your pelvis over your heels (not your toes) Carry your kids in front of you without compromising your alignment Posture is not alignment. Posture is about how you hold something, and many of us hold our posture very poorly. However, alignment is the optimal way that something should be placed in order to… Continue reading Moving into an Alignment Filled Life