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Healthy Feet #7 – Stand with Your Feet Parallel

Notice the position of your feet at various times during the day. When you look at them, are they parallel?  Or are both feet turned out? Or one foot turned out? Are the legs parallel or do you stand with a hip popped out? Awareness is the first step is correcting foot alignment Once you… Continue reading Healthy Feet #7 – Stand with Your Feet Parallel

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Healthy Feet Tip #5 – Exercise Your Feet

We have cardio classes to exercise the heart. We have abs/core classes to exercise our midsections. We have weights classes to build strong arms and legs. We have Pilates classes to build flexibility and core strength. Have any of you ever attended a foot class to strengthen your feet? Our feet are one of the… Continue reading Healthy Feet Tip #5 – Exercise Your Feet

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Alignment from the Ground Up

This blog was first posted on Holy Yoga Global®, LLC: In honor of April being Healthy Foot Awareness month, I want to bring you a post dedicated to our amazing feet.  However, for many of us our feet don’t feel like amazing structures. Some sources estimate that over 75% of Americans will experience foot… Continue reading Alignment from the Ground Up

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Shoes & Foot Problems

How Shoes Contribute to Foot Related Problems: Foot wear increases the incidence of knee osteoarthritis, back pain and hip degeneration.An elevated heel of any height alters the biomechanics of the foot and body.Normal weight distribution is 50% over both front of foot and back. High heels change weight distribution to 90% over front of foot… Continue reading Shoes & Foot Problems